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BD1 Stubble Digester

BD1 Stubble Digester stimulates the natural biological breakdown of crop residue in order to facilitate the retention of beneficial micronutrients in your agricultural system. Think of all the tires you'll save by breaking down the stiff fibers of the residue left in your fields every year! This product is an absolute must for all no-till farm organizations or anyone who simply wants to save money on inputs and diesel fuel. With the breakdown of crop residue, you will no longer have the need for tillage in the fall. BD1's 25 bacterialogical organisms work to chew up the residue and reduce it to its chemical and biological components - elements in their most usable forms.

Usage rate is 32 ounces per acre.

Watch a YouTube video of Dan speaking about stubble residue at the following link: http://youtu.be/jcb5mZ_j2qY


"When I went out to work my fields this spring, the stalks melted under my tractor tires." (Owensboro, KY)

"My neighbors had a full load of stubble this spring. I couldn't believe it! With one pass of my vertical tillage tool and my strip till rig, my stubble was gone!" (Hal Rogers, Wilshire OH)

Click here to purchase small quantities of BD1 through an outside vendor.

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