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Defender is a patent-pending phosphite fertilizer with a 15-0-0 NPK content. It is formulated with very little water which allows the phosphite to remain stable in the jug. Defender is compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides and can be used at lower rates per acre than most phosphite for a better economic decision. 

Phosphite has one less oxygen atom than phosphate. By being ‘lighter’ than phosphate, phosphite is better able to break down in a slower transformation after addition to the soil. It is highly water soluble and quickly absorbed by plants’ leaves, roots and branches. Once in the plant, it is extremely mobile and able to move through both the xylem and phloem. Microorganisms in the rhizophere assimilate the phosphite and release phosphate into the soil. 

Defender increases the integrity of plant cell walls, stimulates key pathways in plants, helps keep un-chelated metals stable in solution and helps keep spray tanks and equipment free of scale buildup. Defender also contains a surfactant for improved root spreading and nutrient uptake. 

Studies of foliar applications of phosphite have been shown to improve seedling growth, bud formation, blossoming, fruit set and plant vigor. When used on golf courses, phosphite improves turf quality, promotes overall growth and significantly reduces summer stress susceptibility.

Usage rate is 1-4 pints per acre depending on the crop.


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