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SG Complete

SG Complete is a multi-faceted product that addresses several needs as an in-row starter. It was created to specifically fulfill the requirements of our clients by allowing them to have their liquid materials delivered in a premixed form, thus requiring less calculations and prep time.


SG Complete transforms any starter into a premium starter by providing chelated micronutrients, 2 high quality soil biostimulant products, and urea phosphite technology.  With this combination of products, superior plant emergence and early growth potential is maximized.  SG Complete can be used in-furrow or in a 2X2 band as well as in a foliar application. Yield potential of corn is greatly enhanced with its use.

Included in SG Complete are beneficial microbes, mycorrizea, enzymes, amino and humic acids, chelated micronutrients and urea phosphite.


Benefits to Soil

·   Improved structure, porosity, water-holding capacity

·   Improved water utility and aeration

·   Reduction of nutrient leaching

·   Reduction of evaporation and transpiration

Benefits to Plants

·   Increased root depth & mass

·   Increased brix

·   Increased drought stress tolerance

·   Strengthened cell walls

·   Turns on plant’s natural immune system

·   Higher quality yield

·   Mycorrhizal infection for greater nutrient drawing power

·   Reduced transplant shock


Usage rate is 1/2 gallon per acre.


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