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Super-Hume can be used in-row or beside the row and works GREAT with foliar feeding and micronutrients. Super-Hume is a concentrated form of humic acid with added seaweed and bios.  When applied to soils, Super-Hume stimulates the uptake of fertilizers and micronutrients, promotes vigorous plant growth, and stimulates the microbial activity in the soil. It also improves water movement and water holding capacity of the soil.

Super-Hume can be used as a fertilizer supplement.  It is an excellent source of chelated minerals necessary for proper plant growth and provides growth-stimulating liquid Humic Acids, which act as complexing agents in the soil.

Humic Acid and Super-Hume

The humic acid in Super-Hume contributes to increased fertilizer utilization.  When used in combination with starter, Super-Hume forms a protective bond with the fertilizer and helps prevent rapid "tie-up" of ions in the soil.  This helps more of the fertilizer's nutrients and minerals into the plants.  This is acccomplished through Super-Hume increasing the cation exchange capacity.  The humic acids in Super-Hume also break the ionic bonds of insoluble iron phosphate and calcium phosphate molecules in the soil, making their indiviudal elements available for plant growth.


Super-Hume and Your Soil

The importance of humus, humic acids, and humates has long been recognized, but only recently has the agriculture industry recognized the true benefits of these compounds.  Soils that have been over-cropped, abused, and depleted of organic matter and other essential elements can be highly improved through the use of these compounds.  The fertilizer industry is beginning to understand the importance of maintaning the humic acid content of soils to promote crop production.

Seaweed in Super-Hume

Super-Hume contains a liquid seaweed extract know as Ascophyllum Nodosum.  This seaweed is a non-toxic natural storehouse of over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients, amino acids, chelating agents and growth-promoting substances in a naturally balanced form.







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