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BB5 is an acidifier buffer with a built-in visual pH indicator, which enables you to know immediately if enough BB5 has been added and that the water problem has been corrected.


Advantages of BB5

Acidifies Alkaline and Hard Water

BB5 will acidify all alkaline and hard waters, reducing the pH to the optimal level, which will prevent alkaline hydrolysis (chemical decompostion) and chemical 'tie up' (with hard waters).

pH Indicator

A built in, patented pH indicator, visually displays (by turning the water pink) when the optimum pH level (pH5) is reached.


In the unlikely event of over-adding BB5, the spray water is automatically buffered at pH3.  This allows no further change in the pH level.

Wetting, Spreading and Penetration

BB5 automatically reduces the water surface tension allowing the spray droplet to flatten and spread, giving greater coverage and control.   The built-in penetrators move the pesticide through the waxy cuticular layers, ensuring better performance.

Compatibility Aid

BB5 allows for various spray combinations, eliminating additional sprays and helping to reduce costs.





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