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Nutra-Flo In Row Starter

Nutra-Flo In Row Starter is a crystal clear, low-salt, gold-colored plant food which is high in orthophosphates. It is equal in performance to water-white 100% orthophosphates but priced lower, allowing conventional fertilizer dealers to be more competitive in the growing market of low-salt fertilizers.

We offer:



High Quality
Nutra-Flo In Row Starter is 100% plant-available, near neutral pH, chloride-free, low salt and designed for maximum safety.

Lower Cost, Higher Yields
Nutra-Flo In Row Starter increases yields. Growing plants have easy access to a safe, water-soluble mixture of N-P-K. Young seedlings emerge stronger; plants move quickly through the vegetative stage and mature faster producing the highest quality crops with top yields.

Low Rates Per Acre
Nutra-Flo In Row Starter has the highest nutrient usability available. When applied in-furrow or placed 2x2 at planting time, the grower can achieve greater fertilizer efficiency with lower rates. Usage rate is typically 3.5 gallons to the acre.

No Rust
Nutra-Flo In Row Starter keeps expensive application equipment looking like new - free of rust and corrosion.



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