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Welcome to the virtual home for Soil and Plant Nutritional Concepts, SPNC for short.

We are a business dedicated to increasing the production quality and profitability of businesses dedicated to plant growth. Our business focus is foremost on establishing soil nutrient balance. This creates a healthier environment and ultimately improves plant growth. We do this through combining both a biological and traditional approach to soil and plant fertility. Both science and experience prove to us that microbes and where they live determine how successful plants grow during good times as well as stressful ones. To ignore those interactions only means more fertility inputs will be necessary to grow a similar or higher yield. It also generally results in a measurable reduction in crop quality. Therefore it is no surprise that we help growers and businesses learn to rely on calcium based products, biostimulants, and a host of foliar products that help deliver superior plant health and productivity.

SoybeansOur intent is to provide you, the viewer, the chance to come and learn more about this topic from both the anecdotal (farm experience) and scientific standpoint. New information is being added to the wealth of wisdom already gained from growers and businesses everyday. Our goal with this web site is to offer you a good forum to both learn and contribute. Please browse through our site and if you have questions, needs or contributions, please email us on the Contact Us page provided. We sincerely want to be one of your most frequented “Favorite Pages” and consider it a privilege to be of service to you in the fast paced world of agriculture today.




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